How to make a great first impression

One great thing that I learned from both managing an elaborate event and taking a public speaking course is that, often times, several things can go wrong without anyone noticing or caring. Maybe something you planned to happen, happens late, or doesn’t happen at all. Maybe you forgot one of the main points of your speech or stumbled over a word. These things happen and they can make you very self-conscious (if you’re like me then they may even give you mild anxiety!) but if you keep your cool and roll with it then all the audience will see is a good show.

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A habit for happiness – Avoid blaming others

change your life
Last week, I found myself in what I like to call a “LinkedIn article black hole” (a seemingly never-ending journey where you find one good article on LinkedIn and it leads to about 7 more), as I stumbled upon an article by Jeff Haden which then led to one of his other articles, the one that I will be focusing on, entitled “10 Daily Habits of Exceptionally Happy People.

As someone who has previously been pegged as “dramatic” (not sure what that’s about…), I’m always fine tuning my capacity to stay happy as much as possible and I am open to any well-written tips about doing so! Additionally, I happen to love making to-do lists, which is also mentioned in the article.

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Happy Maps & Happy Lives – Where is your path taking you?

This lovely Ted Talk is by Daniele Quercia, a Map researcher at Yahoo! Labs in Barcelona, and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon it when Ted Conferences shared it a couple of weeks ago. The topic was very thought provoking.

I love Quercia’s idea of finding the most enjoyable path to your destination rather than simply following the fastest route possible. What he says is true. We do live in a world “fabricated for efficiency” rather than for joy. And for good reason! We are always hustling and bustling from one thing to the next and rarely even take the time to stop and breathe!

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Yes Please and Apologies – Amy Poehler has me practicing good manners

So I got Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please for Christmas (as I incessantly requested) and the book is awesome! I love learning about the winding life journey of one of my favorite comedians. She also has some great tokens of wisdom sprinkled throughout the book which I am always appreciative of. Here’s one great piece of advice from a difficult situation she experienced. Her raw honesty leading up to this quote only makes it even more powerful.

“Apologies have nothing to do with you.
They are balloons in the sky.
They may never land.
They may even choke a bird.”

–  “Say whatever you want” (p.76)
Yes Please by Amy Poehler