Thought for Today: Breathe


The other day my tumblr queue posted a quote: “Embrace the current season of your life” and that is my focus for today. It’s actually been my focus for a while now but also today specifically. (speaking of tumblr, my homepage is on fleek today haha)

“Embrace the current season of your life.”

Yesterday was a less than stellar day. I wasn’t feeling super connected and the restlessness of this transitory period that I’m in was getting to me more than usual. I was missing my life as it used to be and not really trusting the process of life, which I know to be the best practice.

Of course, our experience is all about perspective and after spending a great day hanging out and reconnecting with my favorite cousin that I rarely see, going back to my normal routine was bound to be a letdown in comparison.

Perspective withstanding, I know that for me, missing the past and things that are over and done with is a symptom of not trusting the future. It’s a symptom of fear and fear can really paralyze you. Physically and mentally.

This morning, I finally finished Instinct. The last chapter titled “All That Is Within You” gave me the pick-me-up I needed to shake off the restlessness and subtle discouragement that I was feeling yesterday.

I related to this quote in the last chapter the most (which I think I’ll print out for my bedroom wall):

“Most obstructions are merely opportunities in masquerade.”
– T.D. Jakes

Even as I may feel like I’m standing still at a fork in the road and like things aren’t moving at the pace that I’d prefer, deep in my heart, I know that this time period is an opportunity to get my life on the right track. And I think I just needed a little reminder to get me back to a place of peace with that knowledge.

In turn, I similarly wish you all peace of mind in your current season of life. I wish that we will all have the faith and courage to just trust the process.


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