Preparing for the New Year: Patience, Trust, and Change



As humans, we tend to get very attached to the things that we’re used to. We like the comfort and security of the familiar even if it isn’t necessarily what’s best for us.

It’s normal to want some sense of security and predictability in life. It’s what helps our brains function without the stress of having to analyze every aspect of every experience individually. We can be at peace when things are predictable and that’s definitely a good thing.

Trouble comes in, however, when we get too comfortable and lose our flexibility. Sometimes, something unforeseen comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face. It’s startling and disorienting. During that kind of a situation, it’s normal to grieve, be disappointed, and want to hide under the covers until things sort themselves out. Sometimes, though, the shocking and unpredictable thing that happened turns out to be just what we needed – even if it wasn’t what we wanted in that particular moment.

Change is a difficult thing to cope with, but it is inevitable. Sometimes in life, a familiar door closes or an unexpected door opens for reasons larger than we can fathom. Sometimes we go through difficult times as a test of faith and we just have to hold on. One more month, one more week, one more day.

I’m a big believer in the old adage that everything happens for a reason and I always have been – even before I started becoming more spiritual, as I have of recently.

Life is sprinkled with blessings in disguise. It takes patience to make it to the big reveal when the actual blessing, which once seemed so world-shattering, shows its glorious face and ties everything together. If you’re like me and it kills you when you don’t understand the reason why something is happening, then this test is no small feat. But I think it’s worth it to practice our patience.

As I’ve been in my transitory period, this has been the main lesson hand delivered to me from the school of life. Every night, I have been praying for patience, reassurance, and trust. I want to trust the process of life. Doubt, discouragement, and impatience are normal feelings for someone in my situation but I’m trying everything in my power to pay them no mind.

“When one door closes, dream bigger.”

As the New Year quickly approaches, everyone is thinking of resolutions and changes that they’d like to make in 2016. Things they wish they had done in 2015 and very likely, things they had been thinking about many years prior to 2015.

Procrastination is a powerful obstacle and deterrent. I suffer from it. I’d go so far as to assume that many of you fall victim to it on occasion as well. But this is not the time to procrastinate. There’s never time to procrastinate because time only goes forward. It’s jarring to think of how merciless time is. No matter what you do or say, you just can’t convince it to go backward. Not even just a couple of seconds. So what can we do? Let’s plan forward. The next moment, next day, next month.

Regret and ruminating about the ways that things could have gone differently just distracts us from the present moment. All we have is the present. So instead of looking for ways that you could have salvaged what you no longer have, think of the better things that can lie ahead if you take the right steps. Focus on the new and improved future that is now in your line of sight that you couldn’t have even previously imagined.

Try to trust that if you were meant to have what you left behind, then you would still have it. Trust that there’s a reason even if you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is at this moment. Trust that the reason will be revealed to you further down the road. I bet deep down, you know that you deserve more than what you left behind.

If you can’t tell yet, just wait. Practice patience and plan for that bright future that is calling your name.


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