Majoring in Minors – Getting Offended


The other day I got annoyed with my mom for refusing to give me a decisive answer so that we could eat at my favorite breakfast restaurant. My mom, my sister, and I were meeting for breakfast and I was letting my sister choose the restaurant (with the understanding that I’d get to choose next time). But if my mom happened to also prefer the restaurant that I wanted then we’d have to go there since she’d be breaking the tie and it would be 2 against 1.

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Choose your battles


“In 5 years, will you even remember this?”

I was recently of assistance to my sister when she got in a spat with her significant other about laundry. Yes, laundry. Haha, needless to say, she was particularly annoyed about something pretty minor and was turning to me for advice on what to do. Being my normal, diplomatic self, I looked at the situation from both angles.

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