I’m convinced that all you need to succeed in life is a little ambition, some education, and A LOT of focus. Not just regular focus either. Laser-sharp focus on what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Once you’ve got the focus, everything else seems to fall into place in due time.

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Dear future children, Never Grow Up

Hey guys! You haven’t seen me in a while. Yikes. Writing every day is hard! I guess I’m not the most consistent being in the world to begin with. On a normal basis I could go weeks without writing then get hit with a burst of inspiration and write 5 pages at once. But that’s not what this challenge is about. It’s about forming a habit and getting used to the act of writing consistently and on command.

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A Beautiful Detour


I just watched a clip of one of Oprah’s talks  where she talked about how there are no mistakes in life. Every moment we have is leading to where we’re supposed to be. There’s no such thing as being on the wrong path because God, The Creator, or the Universe (your pick) has a supreme vision for our lives. And even if we get thrown off course, that just means that it’ll take longer to get to our true destination There will be many people who don’t believe in that concept but, even if you don’t, let’s all entertain it for a second.

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Let’s Embark on 500 words for 31 Days

So, today I came across a piece on Medium about why it’s so great to write every day and since it was a concept that I’d previously entertained, I figured I’d give it a read (while I was procrastinating from multiple things on my to-do list, mind you). Either way, the article ended with a writing challenge that hit home for me ever since the conversation that I had with my cousins Atim and Heather about letting go of the fear and the excessive planning and reading about writing. All forms of avoiding the actual writing process.

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