About me


Hi there and welcome!

My name is Sika. I was born in DC and grew up in Maryland not too far from the nation’s capital.

I would describe myself primarily as a writer, thinker, dreamer and feeler. I spend a lot of time thinking about the human experience, relationships, and why people do what they do. My brain is pretty much always on unless I’m forcefully trying to turn it off via meditation, yoga or another kind of exercise. This involuntary habit of mine has led to my interest in psychology and self-development

I went to NYU and lived in New York City for 5 years. I studied abroad in London for a semester. I started off studying Journalism then made a switch and had a blast studying Media, Culture, and Communication. While analyzing the theories that led to the creation of the groundbreaking film Spring Breakers (and other films/shows) along with the impact of globalization and the wonders of psychology, I missed having a creative outlet.

I DID take one creative class as an elective: “Making Poetry.” It was a great workshop environment and I got to perform one of my poems at an open mic at a bar in nearby Bowery.

I love reading, writing, exploring, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, trying new things, yada yada, and other typical 20something stuff.

I’m currently working on reconnecting with my creative side and creating a fulfilling life full of meaning and adventure.

I’m obsessed with psychology/self-development, romcoms, and healthy eating/lifestyle. On a chill day, you can find me either reading and writing at a cafe while nursing a soy chai latte or enjoying a good yoga flow, podcast, or sit-com.

I believe that we’re all students in this school of life and I intend to share my learnings with all of you!

“We are always perfect, always beautiful, and ever changing.”


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments 🙂



3 thoughts on “About me

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