Are you ready?


Happy Wednesday, perpetual transitioners!

Do you ever feel like you’re in a state of constant transition? That you’re on the way to something and never quite there yet? I’ve decided to name this state of being perpetual transition and I believe that the vast majority of us live there. Wanting, wishing, hoping for things that lie just outside of our reach.

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Cultivating Gratitude 2.0


Has anyone ever told you that what you focus on, grows? That what you appreciate, appreciates? Well, it’s true. It’s one of the main reasons why a gratitude practice is so important for a joyful life!

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Inner Peace Intentions


Happy new month! Happy May to you all!

I love the fresh feeling of a new month. It’s like a mini new year!

Aside from having to pay my rent, I love starting a new month by setting clear intentions. I find intentions to be so powerful. When you clearly state to yourself and the Universe what it is that you want, you tend to either get it or get clear on the things that are blocking you from it (it’s all a journey!).

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Check Your Bags



I spent this past weekend in beautiful and uncharacteristically sunny, San Francisco (sunny until the last day that is, which is pictured above) for the first time. I learned a lot about the replenishing qualities of vacation. The space it provides in your mind to appreciate your life, your surroundings, your being, and so much more.

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The Anatomy of Stuckness


I opened my email this morning to the treat of a quote that pretty much sums up the biggest life lesson I’ve learned over the past 3 months. Bear with me as we may all breathe a sigh of exasperation at how seemingly obvious it is.

Character โ€” the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life โ€” is the source from which self-respect springs.โ€
โ€• Joan Didion, On Self-Respect

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So simple it’s almost embarassing

Appreciation occurs when we begin to realize what we have been gifted with, and loving kindness reconnects us to others in a win-win attitude. We start to focus on positive thoughts and perceptions and, for a while, we let go of our fearful and anxious brain pattern. In fact, every action we engage in can become a daily meditation, a slowing-down and an appreciation of life. It seems so simple, in some ways, that it’s almost embarrassing to study it.

We need only remember when we were children who gazed at the sky and the drifting clouds. There was no notion of time nor any guilt for ‘wasting’ it. Time and guilt are concepts we learn about much later in life.”

– Dr. Patrizia Collard, The Little Book of Mindfulness