Embrace Being Awkward AF

I think we need to get away from this model of success porn. That success is sexy and perfect! It’s an image of success that men have put on us, in a way. It can’t be that the only way that you can show up to a professional situation is if you spend four hours getting ready that morning. Men don’t have to do that! That is not equality. That you have to pay $300 for a glam squad to get you suitable for public consumption is garbage! And we have to get away from it.”

– Jenn Romolini on Why You Should Embrace Being Awkward AF In The Workplace


Harder to Love

“It feels like work because it’s going to be work. If you and I move forward together it’s – It’s harder to love somebody than to walk away from them.
And this is messy and scary and – God! It scares the life out of me.”

– Amelia to Hunt, Grey’s Anatomy
Episode 12:21 “You’re gonna Need Someone on Your Side”


Don’t let them stop you

“People get scared when you try to do something, especially when it looks like you’re succeeding. People do not get scared when you’re failing. It calms them.
… but when you’re winning it makes them feel like they’re losing, or worse yet, that maybe they should’ve tried to something too but now it’s too late. And since they didn’t, they want to stop you.
You can’t let them.”
– Mindy Kaling, Why Not Me?

Yes Please and Apologies – Amy Poehler has me practicing good manners

So I got Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please for Christmas (as I incessantly requested) and the book is awesome! I love learning about the winding life journey of one of my favorite comedians. She also has some great tokens of wisdom sprinkled throughout the book which I am always appreciative of. Here’s one great piece of advice from a difficult situation she experienced. Her raw honesty leading up to this quote only makes it even more powerful.

“Apologies have nothing to do with you.
They are balloons in the sky.
They may never land.
They may even choke a bird.”

–  “Say whatever you want” (p.76)
Yes Please by Amy Poehler