I Moved To LA! – My 1 Week Check-in and the Importance of Sukha

places ill go

As of this time last week, I have added a new facet to my being-ness. I have gone from a person who lives in Maryland to a person who lives in Los Angeles, California. I am officially an Angeleno – as they say.

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Freeing yourself from unresolved feelings


It’s not uncommon to be walking around and engaging in everyday life with various unresolved feelings lying dormant. We have experiences that affect us in different ways and when left unaddressed, they set up tent and make a nice little home in our subconscious; just waiting for a chance – a similar situation or a quiet moment – to remind us of their existence.

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Love is whimsical


If you believe yourself unfortunate
because you have loved and lost,
perish the thought.

One who has truly loved can never lose entirely.

Love is whimsical & temperamental.
Its nature is ephemeral & transitory

It comes when it pleases and goes away
without warning.

Accept and enjoy it while it remains,
but spend no time worrying about its

Worry will never bring it back.

– Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

(photo source: visual-poetry.tumblr.com)

Leaving the door cracked


“If I’m not the one for you, you gotta stop holding me the way you do.”
– Adele, Water under the bridge

Love is an amazing thing. It’s said to have the ability to change our brain chemistry. We get hooked on love like a drug addict and latch on to our lover for dear life. Like we need them more than food, water, and air. They become our source of happiness and meaning.

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Majoring in Minors – Getting Offended


The other day I got annoyed with my mom for refusing to give me a decisive answer so that we could eat at my favorite breakfast restaurant. My mom, my sister, and I were meeting for breakfast and I was letting my sister choose the restaurant (with the understanding that I’d get to choose next time). But if my mom happened to also prefer the restaurant that I wanted then we’d have to go there since she’d be breaking the tie and it would be 2 against 1.

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Choose your battles


“In 5 years, will you even remember this?”

I was recently of assistance to my sister when she got in a spat with her significant other about laundry. Yes, laundry. Haha, needless to say, she was particularly annoyed about something pretty minor and was turning to me for advice on what to do. Being my normal, diplomatic self, I looked at the situation from both angles.

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Don’t let fear stop you

feel the fear but

Motivational quote from my mom and Joyce Meyer

This snippet of paper has hung in my room for years. It was created to get me through a gruesome NYU paper which was causing me some serious anxiety. Luckily, I had the sense to call my mom to help get me through it. She recommended I print out the quote and I’ve recently found out that it’s a quote from Joyce Meyer! So I guess I owe her thanks, as well.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I credit this to my recent, and abrupt, move back home to the DC area after spending a good amount of time dreaming of my escape from NYC.

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How to make a great first impression

One great thing that I learned from both managing an elaborate event and taking a public speaking course is that, often times, several things can go wrong without anyone noticing or caring. Maybe something you planned to happen, happens late, or doesn’t happen at all. Maybe you forgot one of the main points of your speech or stumbled over a word. These things happen and they can make you very self-conscious (if you’re like me then they may even give you mild anxiety!) but if you keep your cool and roll with it then all the audience will see is a good show.

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