Freeing yourself from unresolved feelings


It’s not uncommon to be walking around and engaging in everyday life with various unresolved feelings lying dormant. We have experiences that affect us in different ways and when left unaddressed, they set up tent and make a nice little home in our subconscious; just waiting for a chance – a similar situation or a quiet moment – to remind us of their existence.

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How to make a great first impression

One great thing that I learned from both managing an elaborate event and taking a public speaking course is that, often times, several things can go wrong without anyone noticing or caring. Maybe something you planned to happen, happens late, or doesn’t happen at all. Maybe you forgot one of the main points of your speech or stumbled over a word. These things happen and they can make you very self-conscious (if you’re like me then they may even give you mild anxiety!) but if you keep your cool and roll with it then all the audience will see is a good show.

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