Being Present: 2 Day Check-in (The Power of Now)

Brightly Sika

One day into no social media and it is clear to me that I never truly knew what it’s like to be alone.

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Self-Love February: Practicing Being Present


Happy February, loves!

I love me a new month. Yes, the month started last Thursday BUT I also love me a new week. So, as we start this new week, I’d like to commemorate this month of Valentine’s day and love with a personal practice of Self-Love. Feel free to join me if you wish!

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On Overcoming Comparison


“Managing everyone’s expectations is exhausting.”

This sentiment came to me at a random point yesterday while in my room. I can’t even pinpoint what happened that led to this thought but I guess it’s just a thought that tends to linger silently in the background. Like when the air conditioner is on but you don’t notice that it was making a sound until it turns off.

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